Susan FalkeDear honored citizens, dear honored guests,


Welcome to our beautiful town of Nienburg (Saale) located in the heart of Saxony-Anhalt - since the government reorganization from the 1st of January 2010 - in the Salzlandkreis.

With the districts of Altenburg, Borgesdorf, Gerbitz, Gramsdorf, Grimschleben, Jesar, Latdorf, Neugattersleben, Pobzig, Wedlitz as well Wispitz with 6.600 inhabitants.

The town on Nienburg (Saale) looks back at a 1.050 - year old history. The "Benedikt Monastery" of Nienburg played a big part in the history of Central Germany and made our town well known - even across country borders. Our thousand year old monastery church is one of the most meaningful Early Gothik Buildings in the central part of Germany. Inside the monastery church ther´s an ornamental floor in roman style. Surrounded by elegant town houses, the market place is also worth seeing. The "Glockenspiel" on the Welfare Foundations buildung was renovated costly by volunteer involvement on July 2nd, 2006. It´s the only one of its kind in Central Germany.


Loyal to the slogan of our beautiful "Saalestadt" "In Nienburg it flows together" you´ll find - next to the junction of the rivers Saale and Bode - the crossing of the following 8 vacation routes: the "Straße der Romatik", the "Cranach-Route", the "German Allee Street", the "Saale hiking-biking trail", the "3-Rivers-Tour" and the "Blue Ribbon". How about a biking tour along the "Saale hiking-biking trail", one of the most diverse biking trails along a river in Germany? Or along the "European trail R1" from Strenzfeld, passing trough Neugattersleben and the meadow to the public pool in Nienburg? After an interesting bike ride trough our beautiful surroundings, you´ll find time to relax on the bis sunbathing area at the public pool in Nienburg, wich is interesting for young and old.


People interested in culture and nature fanatics will find many interesting things in our little town and its districts. I am inviting you, dear guests, on a discovery tour. You can find more information about attractions of our local community and more suggestions for an interesting trip under the tourism section.


The challenges of these days


Even the town of Nienburg has to face the effects of demographic changes. With the new challenges in the field of health care, education and basic security it is necessary to disign our town and its districts as liveable and loveable places for living and educating. The area of the Salzlandkreis is a more rural place. Our social politics considers the demographic changes and the infrastrukturel development are focudes on substainability.


The human as the center


The goal is to bundle up all available powers for the process of municipal development. Here we try to involve the citizens, associations and unions and the economical supporters. We focus on the needs of those who live and work here. The involvement and engagement of the citizens are put in first position. Things developed together we want to enforce together with you, dear citizens. This way we create idetities, true traditions and we reach an even bigger tie with our habitat. This succeeds in making our town  even more known - even across country limits. We are a livable and loveable region and I am inviting all of you to further work together for a livable future for us and our children.




Your mayor

Susan Falke 

In Nienburg fließt´s zusammen